Thursday, February 12, 2009


I got tagged by a friend, so here we go.....

8 favorite TV shows:
The Office
American Idol
The Simpsons
What Not To Wear
Judge Judy
Growing Up... (It's on animal planet)
Jazz Games

8 Things I look forward to:
Having this baby!
Sleeping (although I think that will end once I have the baby)
Getting Brian finished with school
Not working 
This weekend
Knowing that the laundry is finally done
A good vacation

8 Places to eat:
Joe Morley's BBQ
Olive Garden (love the soup, salad and breadsticks)
My mom's

8 Things on my wishlist:
Have a healthy pregnancy and baby
Have enough money
Go somewhere on vacation that is super sweet!
To get Brian done with school
Good things for those I love
To have a killer garden this year
No debt
To go to the temple more

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Dustin and Julie Anne said...

Good to hear more about you! We're way excited to see you guys too! I keep telling Dustin I'm a little nervous because if the people we invited come we'll have about the right amount of people, but there are a bunch of people that kinda invited themselves and are traveling for it.. I told him.. I hope there's enough room for everyone! I guess I'm just sensitive about not hurting anyone's feelings.
Dust said Fathers Day could be special this year? That's cool!

Anonymous said...

I love what not to wear as well! Logan actually likes to watch it too! One time we were at Old Navy and i wanted to buy a third pair of these darling flats they had and Logan says: "You are not supposed to buy multiples of things, what not to wear said that!" I miss you! Lets play soon!

Kaija said...

Fun post!
first off: laundry NEVER gets done!JK!
Second: I am copying your Joe Morleys!
and 3rd: Im excited for this baby too! Can't wait to dress him up in cuteness!
Tivo American Idol for me this week k?