Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Changes

Yes I know, New Years was a month and ago, but it's never too late for resolutions!
I have been making changes here and there. The first place is my living room. Strange, I know. You probably expected something like weight loss. Don't worry- I'll get to that. Back to the living room.... I have never loved my living room. It's only been so so for me. I decided that I really need to get it to where I like it. It's the room I spend most of the day in with Harrison, so it needs to be enjoyable. I also want it to be a pretty, calming room for Brian to come home to at night. So why not change it up and make it a place I really want to be. I'll probably be happier and more productive. I am currently in the process of a re-do. So far, so good. I'll post pics when it is all done.

My second change is fitness. Let's face it, we all could do better with taking care of our bodies. I could do a  LOT better! I really need to get into gear. Brian and I are going to join over at Ogden Athletic club this month. I am pretty excited. One of the biggest motivators for me is just feeling tired all the time. I can't stand it! Other motivators- jiggling thighs, tight jeans and The Sleeping Beauty. The Sleeping Beauty? Yes. I made Brian to the ballet with me this weekend. You should know that I secretly want to be a ballerina. And secretly I think that I probably would have made a really good one. You can laugh now, as long as you aren't making fun of me :)  But watching the ballet made me really want to tone it up- they are so long and lean!  So after we get over our colds, it's off to the gym! I'll keep ya posted on my fitness progress.

Last change (for now) is incorporating more gospel discussions in our house. We haven't really done FHE, but now that Harrison is getting older, I realize we really need to get in gear. Not just for him, but for us. Having gospel discussions in our homes is so important. It invites the spirit, increases our knowledge and helps us grow closer to our Father in Heaven and our Savior.

I've got some changes happening in my life and it feels great. I'll try to keep updating you all about how things are going. I'll need your support to keep me going! Wish me luck!

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!