Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stretchy Pants

Being a stay at home mom has it's pros and cons. Some pros include being able to play with your son, being outside in the sun and getting some "me" time during nap time. Pros are laundry- it never ends, feeling like you aren't contributing to society and little adult interaction. There is one thing that is giving me problems and it  falls under both categories: Stretchy Pants. They are a pro because hey, there are days when you just throw them on and get your work done. Why would stretchy pants be a con? I'll tell you- they make you fat!! Yep. They do. After months of wearing my stretchy pants I have gained some weight. When you put them on you have no idea that your thighs might be expanding (like mine). I put on my black pencil skirt for church on Sunday and it was snug. It has never been snug. It was a big eye opener. So.... no more stretchy pants for me! My diet starts tomorrow :)