Friday, April 12, 2013

24 weeks along

Why does pregnancy have to be so long? I guess I can't complain. Elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years! Poor elephant mamas! This pregnancy has been challenging. I've been more sick and for much longer than with my first. I am just barely starting to get over morning sickness. At 13 weeks, I had a break from it but then it came back with a vengeance! My doctor gave me some meds to help with my nausea but that came with it's own set of side effects that I won't get into. My energy levels are still first trimester low, but I am trying to get a little more done each day. I'm also struggling with body image. The first time around, I remember being really excited at seeing a little tummy. It was so cute to have a little bump (that eventually turned into one gigantic mountain). But this time, all I can see is a gut. I think I am just really worried about not being able to lose baby weight after he comes. Brian tries to remind me that I don't have a gut- it's a little person in there. Logically, I know that he is right. Emotionally, all I see is a lump of goo. Just another thing to work on.
But the best part of being pregnant are those little glimmers of light. Last week my doctor snapped this little beauty during the ultrasound.

Getting to see my little boy's face makes all the sickness, exhaustion and backaches worth it. It puts everything into perspective. This little miracle is growing inside of me. He relies on me to live each day and make it the best that I can, despite the challenges.