Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Motherhood- the best job!

Being a mom is one of the most trying and rewarding things ever. There are those days that you think you've messed up so much that your child will need therapy for the rest of his life. You wonder if what you're doing is really worth while. Then there are those wonderful days you get to spend together when everything just goes perfect. Fun in the sun, no tantrums. But most days are somewhere in between. You deal with tantrums, but there are those moments that just make it all worth while. I heard this quote and it summed it up perfectly. 
So thankful to be my little guy's mom. He brings me so much joy. He lights up my life. Here are a few of his new "things"-
  • Bringing me flowers he picks. Most of them are dandelions, but I love them just as much as a rose. 
  • He is always telling me he loves me. "Mom, I huv you." I get to hear those sweet words probably 20 times a day and it never gets old. 
  • He loves to give hugs. He especially likes to hug his little brother inside my tummy. He wraps his arms around my belly and gives it a kiss. 
  • He cannot wait to meet this baby. He tells me all the things he's going to do to help me once the baby comes. He'll feed him, hold him, give him his binkie and even change dirty diapers. Quite a list, isn't it? 
  • Harrison is really into the human body. He looks at a body atlas we have and has a million questions. His favorite is the heart. He listens to our hearts beat and thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. He even tells me that his heart pumps blood in his body. Smartie Pants. 
  • He is really into cooking. He loves watching cooking shows. "Mom, want to watch the cooking show." He loves to help cook dinner, which mostly means he stirs things. 

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Shan @ Design Gal said...

comment overload- sorry- but i loved this post! it's so true- motherhood is so trying but so worth it! hope you're doing well!