Monday, January 14, 2013

A Fabulous New Year

2012 is out and 2013 is so in!!
This year is proving to be wonderful for my little family. Here are a few things happening:
#1- Harrison is now a Sunbeam in Primary. I was a little worried about him adjusting to a new class, but he did amazing. I sat with him the first week in Opening Exercises. He tried to sing along to songs he doesn't know, led the music from his chair and he just loved it when the kids gave talks. I was one proud mama. I can't believe he is officially in primary. I love that little guy.

#2- Brian got a new job! He is now the Business Development Manager at Marketstar here in Ogden. He has only been there a couple of weeks and he is loving it. Last week he travelled to Las Vegas for the annual CES show. This job came at just the right time for us. I know Heavenly Father guided us to this job. So grateful for blessings.
#3- Our family will be a family of 4 this Summer! I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and due on August 1! We are so excited to bring another little child of God into our family. No one is more excited than Harrison. He is constantly looking at the ultrasound picture and wanting to watch the DVD of the ultrasound. His favorite part is hearing baby's heartbeat.
I am so excited for all the wonderful changes that lie in store for our family this year. I know that trials will come, but we'll get through them together. We've been through a lot of rough times in our 6 years together, it's nice to be able to relax... even if it is only for a little bit. I hope that your 2013 looks bright. 
Happy 2013!!!


Kaija said...

Congratulations! I am about as excited as Harrison! Seriously.CANNOT.WAIT. You know, I think you should try and have an August 6th bday....i mean, its so bound to happen :)

Happy Holmes said...

Congratulations!!!! Happy to hear things are going so well for you and your little family:)

Angela said...

What great news! All of it! Having just had our 2nd baby, I must say though that I am so excited for you to have another baby! Babies are the greatest blessings ever! Congratulations!

The Shupaloops said...

I have been meaning to text you a congrats! I hear you have been pretty sick too. Hopefully you are feeling better. Depends on the day, but I feel my old self creeping back in! Plus, it is exciting knowing we will have another set of little ones running around together!

miquelle and cody said...

Congratulations! You have a super cute family, can't wait to see this little one. :)