Friday, April 13, 2012


Harrison just loves bugs. He is always searching for some, but since it's still a little cold out we can't find any. So, for Easter, we got a live butterfly garden hatching kit. You get baby caterpillars and you get to watch them grow and then make their chrysalids and turn into butterflies. I have been more excited than Harrison to look at how much our caterpillars have grown each day. They actually grow quite a bit, I was surprised. I can't wait until they begin their transformation into butterflies. I'll keep ya posted. 


The Shupaloops said...

Jack got one of these last year and I still haven't sent in for the little buggers. Now that I know it's legit, I am sending my five bucks in!
And yes, I will do a Sponge Bob cake for ya. For you, anytime.
How's your week going by the way? Needing a dad (or husband) back yet? Probably just the dad, right? :) Mine won't return my phone call, damn him.