Monday, March 28, 2011

Pump It!

Working out can be so rewarding- once you get the motivation to get up off the couch! Tonight I actually did it! I left Brian and Harrison at home and headed off to Crossroads fitness. It felt amazing to push play on the Ipod and just pump it! I felt like I was the only one there. What would we do without our Ipods? It would be really hard for me to get going. Music can just get the blood boiling and revving to go. My recommended song for an intense, dare I say extreme, workout? Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas. Download it and you won't be sorry!  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going!


Mark said...

Who would know a ballet would get you so motivated or that you would like to tip toe across a stage in a tutu of your own? I believe you could do it too.
Good for you! Now I need to find some motivation of my own.
Love this blog and the music to bob my head to as I read along. Keep on moving and you'll be where you want to be! Love ya, Deb

Kaija said...

um FIRST off...I LOVE this font. Help me do one! Second. I am proud of you for working out. I come home from work and its the LAST thing I want to do. My roommate and I go like at eleven at night on friday and I teach her water aerobics! Why so late you ask? We don't want people to see!! miss you!

Amanda said...

Hey you! Just added you to my list of blogs I read, cuz I'm blogging again. I'm proud of you for working out. I have the hardest time finding the time. I'm excited to see you guys tomorrow!

CJF said...

Hey this is a friend and old neighbor of brian...anyway, saw the blog mentioned on facebook. I like to blog and read other blogs every now and then too. This one post was funny to said what would ya do without an Ipod these days? I just had a flash back of me exercising with my walkman...then upgraded to a portable cd player. Didn't know what I would do without those at the! Anyway, love the blog thanks for sharing.