Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Steps...part 2

So my little Harrison is at a standstill with the walking. He will try for a couple days, then gives up. He reverts back to crawling. I think he thinks crawling is more a more effective way of transportation. It's faster, he doesn't fall down... who knows what he is really thinking.  All I know is that it is time to walk. He is now 14 months. Don't most babies walk by now? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be working with him more?

So, for all you moms out there- when did your little ones begin the walking and did you do anything to help?


Pickett Family said...

Heya Meg. . .your family is so beautiful. Your Harrison is soo handsome. I love the pics you've posted on your blog. Its great to see you even thought I live forever away. Emmeline didnt start walking till 13-14 months herself. and even then she wasnt in any real hurry. They certainly have their own timelines despite what the "experts" say. love ya!!

Angela said...

You're not alone. Emersyn is 13 months and doesn't have any desire WHATSOEVER to walk. She does stand and cruise while holding onto things (chair, couch, us!), but doesn't even want to try walking by herself. She definitely crawls like a speeding bullet though! Rumor has it that the crawling actually helps their little muscles develop more so that they can walk - I bet one day you'll turn around and he'll be toddling all over the place!