Monday, June 22, 2009


So, the induction last week didn't go over too well. After ten hours of contractions, baby decided he wasn't ready to come into this world. So I was sent home. It was a long day and hard to come home without a baby.
But the here is the good news- I am going in again tonight to be induced. I get to go back at midnight. So hopefully sometime in the early hours of the morning, baby Harrison will come into our lives!


Kaija said...

K call me! I don't work till 2 know what means...Harrison meet Aunt Kaija!

Happy Holmes said...

I cannot believe they sent you home. You can't do that to a mother. don't they know that!!!In my book, you don't "start" someone and then send them home.

rant over.

Good luck with baby! Hoping all goes well and that you have a wonderful and quick delivery!! Can't wait to hear about baby Harrison!