Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Kaija tagged me with this a little while ago... but I thought, "better late than never". So here we go...

About me-
Here's how this tag works. List 3 joys,fears, goals, current obsessions/collections, surprising facts about yourself. Then tag 5 people at the end of your post.

~Playing with Jack
~Having a loving and supportive family

~Not having enough money
~being sick

~Save money
~exercise more
~have kids

Current Obsessions/Collections:
~watching home improvement tv
~taking naps

Surprising facts about myself:
~I love to read. I can read for hours at a time
~I have a sweet tooth- a big one!
~Obsessed with animals
~Some commercials make me cry


Anonymous said...

You are cute that some commercials make you cry! I love your goals...those are mine too except for the last one. We are waiting a little longer. I miss you!

Kaija said...

ok now that you're all caught up to the new one! It's pretty fun! Loved hanging out with ya the last few days! I miss being with ya everyday!

Kaija said...

that was "do the new one" typo!

michelle grange said...

has anyone told you that your playlist on here is awesome?! i often go to your site just for the good tunes. Great taste!