Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Favorite Things About Summer

So my friend, Kaija, did this on her blog and I thought I would do it, too! Here are some of my favorite things about summer:
*The Sound of Sprinklers- I just love it. 
 *Reading a good book outside on the hammock
*BBQs with Family
*Fresh fruit- can't wait for some Brigham City peaches!
*I would say vacations, but I don't get to go on any this summer.
*Taking walks
*The nights staying light


Kaija said...

Love it! Hey we need to plan a mall trip sometime...and don't take Benadryl before!

Anonymous said...

You took Benadryl before a trip to the mall??? Silly Megan! I love the sound of sprinklers too! Cute post! I might have to participate!