Monday, June 16, 2008


I am loving Primary! It has been really fun so far! We had the kids sing those cute songs about Dads on Father's Day and it was the cutest thing ever! The kids are so willing to answer questions, share stories and pretty much comment on everything. I wish that the 13 year olds I taught in Sunday School would have been as cooperative. 

I get to do my first sharing time in a couple of weeks and I am both excited and nervous, but I know it will all go well.... with the help of the fabulous websites recommended to me! 


Nicole Tillmann said...

Hey Megan! I just barely found out you had a blog! I really like it. Hope everything is going well. That is awesome about your calling. Good luck with it. Oh I got a blog too if you want to check it out. It is Hope to hear from ya soon.

Natalie & Logan said...

I am so glad you are loving the new calling! I am in the nursery agian...and it is alright! Lets just say some kids totally ruin names we have liked and others make kids name more cute! Good luck at your first sharing will be great!

Kaija said...

I totally just got your blog title! you are so clever! I need help with my blog. I might come over soon!

JaNae said...

Hey Meg! This is JaNae from Snow College! I found your blog on Kaija's! I hope you don't mind! Your wedding pictures are beautiful. Congratulations! I live in Chicago now with my husband and baby girl. If you want to check out our blog it's :
I'm glad I found your blog! It's been a long time! You look great! Keep in touch.